Pet Sitting
I provide pet care in my clients' homes:

  • feeding
  • fresh water
  • brief walk
  • romp in back yard
  • medication administered
  • brushing
  • petting
  • playtime
  • bring in mail & newspaper
  • security check
  • rotate lights, music, etc.

I feel that MOST pets are happier in their own home, as opposed to a kennel. I believe it is also safer for most. They are not exposed to diseases and other illnesses - such as the new "dog flu."
Rate: $18.00 per visit

Mid-Day Dog Walking
This service is especially handy for those folks who work long hours and have dogs who need more exercise than they can provide. I will briskly walk up to TWO dogs in the same household for at least 20 minutes.
Rate: $18.00

New Puppy
Puppies are the very BEST, but are a lot of work! If you are unable to let the little guy outside to potty during the day, I can do that for you. This will accelerate housebreaking and make a happier owner and puppy.
I will also spend some fun time with the little one and play his/her favorite games.
Rate: $18.00 per visit

House Sitting
Even if you do not own any pets, I can visit your home to do the following:

  • bring in mail & newspaper
  • water houseplants
  • security check
  • rotate lights, music, etc.
  • start vehicles
  • rotate vehicles in driveway
Rate: $16.00 per visit

Wait for Repairman
Another convenient service for busy people. I can be scheduled to wait in your house for appliance, computer, cable, or phone repair personnel. Or even a moving truck!
Rate: $24.00 per hour